Vintage Jaru Lion Jar in Gold Pottery
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This Weeks Incredible Find: Rare Vintage 1979 JARU Gold Metalic Ceramic Lion California Pottery

by Derek Sneed on Nov 01, 2023

Our remarkable estate sale find this week is a true gem from the golden era of Californian artisanship—a Rare Vintage 1979 JARU Gold Metallic Ceramic Lion Jar, now in our vintage collection for sale.

Vintage Gold Jaru Lion

Crafted in the heart of Culver City California, this exquisite piece embodies the innovative spirit of Jack and Ruth Lewin's iconic Jaru Art Products. The lion, a regal beast, is reimagined through the lens of the 70s aesthetic, its majestic form captured in lustrous gold metallic glaze, making it a sought-after treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Radiating the luxury and bold artistic expression of the time, this JARU masterpiece is not just an object of art; it's a slice of Californian history. Its rarity and distinctive design reflect a time when craft and creativity knew no bounds. Click Here to view this piece for sale here on our site.

More About Jaru

Jaru Art Products, a company known for its decorative home accessories and giftware, was founded in 1965 by Jack and Ruth Lewin in Culver City, California. The name "Jaru" comes from combining the first two letters of each founder's first name. Originally, the company focused on producing ceramic vases and planters.

In the 1970s, Jaru expanded its repertoire to include a collection of human figures characterized by sharpened angles and some flattened surfaces. These designs drew inspiration from the African mask-influenced Cubist movement from earlier in the century. These pieces often carried the JARU maker's mark, which can be found in the mold of the figurines, usually at the base or rear of the item.

The history of Jaru is part of the broader narrative of California pottery, which has seen various key milestones and influential artists and companies throughout the decades. California pottery includes a diverse range of art ware, planters, and figurines, with Jaru Art Products being a notable contributor in the region during the period from 1950 to 1968.

While not much is readily available online about the detailed history of JARU pottery specifically from the 1970s, the pieces from this era are still sought after by collectors and can be identified by their distinctive stylistic choices that reflect the artistic trends of the time. If you are interested in collecting or selling these items, their value can depend greatly on their condition, rarity, and the current market demand.